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Our Story

Zoo Pak Photography is a Zoo Pak Athletic Club, LLC subsidiary, which is owned & operated by chief photographer, Cody Curatolo. Zoo Pak Photography is vital to Zoo Pak’s mission to promote athletic achievement in its current and prospective athletes. Through its efforts, the Zoo Pak Photography team provides photographers for hire to help promote athletic achievement among its athletes, and to help raise money for its nonprofit partners & friends.  “Zoo Pak was founded to help promote athletic achievement in typically & atypically developing athletes to increase self esteem & general quality of life. The photography side of the Zoo Pak is so important to our athlete’s growth because photos provide a literal snapshot of where we are were at a specific time in the past…Whether it is photo/video analysis for performance review or just re-living the moment, a well placed camera can provide the opportunity to make the moment last a life time….Sports photography is my passion because it allows me to share in the passion of my fellow competitors in a different light.”

Looking to hire Zoo Pak Photos for your next event? Contact Us via email using the "Contact Us" form at the top of the page. See you soon!

Watermarked Purchase Orders


To purchase Watermarked Race Day Photographs select PURCHASE tab (top right corner) and provide photo name (found in photo details) of the desired images

***Additional Photos of Athletes registered to the ZOO PAK MAILING LIST may be available upon request by email, and may not be published for viewing online***

***Racers Use Promo Code "Racer2022" For 7% Digital Image Bundles***

Please note the 3% reduction in racer discount, reflecting an approx. $1 difference from last year, that will directly contribute to the charities we support as a community.

Price) Racer Price w/ Valid License)

$11) $10.23) 1x Hi Res JPEG w/ Watermark Relocation Service

$19) $17.67) 2x Hi Res JPEG w/ Watermark Relocation Service

$28) $26.04) 3x Hi Res JPEG w/ Watermark Relocation Service

$36) $33.48) 5x Hi Res JPEG w/ Relocation Watermark Service

$45) $41.85) (1 Day) JPEG Hi Res w/ Wtrmk Relocation Service

$75) $69.75) (2 Day) JPEG Hi Res w/ Wtrmk Relocation Service

$110) $103.00) (3 Day) JPEG Hi Res w/ Wtrmk Relocation Service

All purchase orders will be fulfilled by email with Full Resolution JPEG files, removal of watermark overlay, and placement of copyright logo in corner of image. All works displayed by Zoo Pak Photography are copyright protected by US Copyright Law Title 17. No works purchased or gifted, with, or without watermark overlay, and/or trademarked logo, may be altered or redistributed for sale without express written consent by Zoo Pak Athletic Club. Please allow 24-48 hours to complete all purchase orders. Partial proceeds of each sale will contribute to the Be Beautiful Foundation which fund raises to assist athletes participate in Special Olympics games.

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HOW TO: Purchase Photos Step-by-Step

  • How To: Purchase Photo Step 1

    Locate desired photo and click on photo

  • How To: Purchase Photo Step 2

    Click on 3 Dots (mobile) or info button "i" in the bottom left corner of screen, then select "Photo Details"

  • How To: Purchase Photo Step 3

    Note the images name. *All names match race, session, group etc. **FB1 (2) = Friday, Black Group, Session 1, Picture 2

  • How To: Purchase Photo Step 4

    Select "Purchase" from the menu drop down to be directed to the online store located at on our host page.

  • How To: Purchase Photo Step 5

    Select the photo bundle from the drop down menu you wish to purchase. All prices listed on page. *Note racer discount code for all athletes possessing a valid 2022 race license **Attempting to use Racer discount code without valid 2022 race license will delay your order fulfill until amount due is paid.

  • How To: Purchase Photo Step 6

    Add desired photo bundle to cart and proceed to checkout.

  • How To: Purchase Photo Step 7

    IMPORTANT: All orders MUST include desired photo names in note section during checkout *Failing to include ALL desired photo names will delay order fulfillment. ** Please send email via "Contact Us" if order was placed without note ***Do not forget to enter racer discount code (Valid 2022 Race License Required) Note: We must search through thousands of photos to find your desired image. Each photo is labeled accordingly to reduce order fulfillment to EVERYBODY. Please do not forget to include your photo ID's, as it WILL delay processing times, and may result in missing images on Full Day & Weekend Bundles.

  • How To: Purchase Photo Step 8 (Optional)

    Check out with Paypal or Credit Card. Want a faster way to check out? Select "Log In" to create an account for future purchases. *Need a different way to pay? Email us through the "Contact Us" page!

  • How To: Purchase Photo Step 9 (Optional)

    Log In to your account for faster checkouts and order history. All online accounts will automatically be registered for the Zoo Pak mailing distribution list to keep you up to date on all Zoo Pak & Affiliate announcements.